Snow Canyon State Park

A view from the petrified sand dunes.

Snow Canyon State Park, is located by St. George Utah. It is only about five dollars to get in and the views in the park are awesome. There are tons of picture opportunities and things to see. There is sand that you can play in, and picnic in. You just have to make sure that you have to take your trash out with you.

There are lots of trails to go hiking on. As you go hiking you will see lava rocks mixed in with the red sand. You can also go hiking down to some of the lava tubs and go in one of them. It is pretty fun to go down in them.

There are also petrified sand dunes that you can hike on. The view is also amazing from the dunes. About two miles outside of the park are two cylinder cone volcanoes. You can distinctly see the shape of them. The two volcanoes are not extinct and erupted last about ten to twenty thousand years ago.


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