Zion National Park

We went to Zion National Park on a day trip to get away. I had been there when I was little but I really didn't remember it. You had to ride a bus to each stop, as you couldn't drive through the park anymore. You could walk to each stop if you wanted. You had to park outside of the park and walk in.

I really liked the Emerald Pools. We only went to the lower pools and they were nice. I think would really look pretty in the spring after all of the snow had melted. At the bottom of the trail you can see a ton of deer if it is toward the evening. We saw about ten deer, and they were not afraid of humans.

We didn't have the opportunity to go hike Angel's Landing, but you could see a lot of people hiking it. There were also a lot of people that were sitting up there, and I've heard that the view is amazing .

The Court of the Patriarchs was really pretty to. The weeping rock was nice to see to. You could go up and touch the rock and it was wet. It is wet all of the time. On our way up there, a squirrel was following us, begging for food. It was cute and the old people behind us finally stopped and fed it.

I recommend that if you are in Utah to stop and see Zion. There are a lot of things to do there. You can hike up the narrows, but make sure you have lots of supplies with you. Also stop in Springdale, and get a bumbleberry pie.


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